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The Final Word in APL

The objective of this course is simple: to teach you to use APL.

APL is the rebel of programming languages. It looks different; it feels different; it behaves differently; it requires you to think differently. It is different. Members of the data processing community tend to have strong feelings about APL. They love it or they hate it. People who love it, tend to make people who hate it, hate it even more. People who hate it, tend to make people who love it, arrogant. It's a vicious cycle.

Often, those who hate APL don't really understand it. Or, they understand it only enough to argue its weak points. Hopefully, this course will teach you enough about APL to love it or hate it intelligently. You may as well be a well-informed bigot.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride. The first thing to do is find out how to get around in the course. Step 1: Press the Enter Key